About Us
Have you ever been to a land of creative inventions ?

If you answered a long-faced no, so cheer up as you’re on the first ever 360⁰ advertising, branding and design planet, Thin-i. We were founded in April 2012 by ardent ad-mad-creatures.

Later, some more like minded beings joined in to share their expertise. The vision was very clear to satisfy the creative buds by helping companies and brands to get their ABCD’s i.e Advertising, Branding, Communication and Design Solutions in place. With the motto of identifying the horizon lying beyond the conventional path of advertising we soon went global. We create brands, help companies grow with comprehensive marketing strategies and communication designs .So your brand or company achieves desired visibility, credibility and growth. We stand tall on the pillars of Innovations, Insights, Inspirations and Ideas. Being true to our aspirations we function on our Corporate Philosophy of ‘Seeing beyond’.